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Reduce Pain to be happy!


Hey Everyone: Welcome!


Everyone has pain in their body and heart; from they were born, everyone increases their pain every day; nobody cares for any of that, but it is important for everyone.


You have more money, you have more power, you have more status, and you have more fame; but if you have more pain, sometimes you awake, you do not like that pain and wish to reduce pain.

Why, How, and What?



I am David. I am a free thinker, and I care about health, life, and the universe.


The TaiJi Model of the Universe

I had supposed there is a TaiJi model of the universe.

“And there may be a “hot spot” across “Axis of Evil” and opposite to the “cold spot” “.

See Dayong Cao, APS -APS March Meeting 2014 – Event – A new observation of a cosmic microwave background radiation supports my idea that a balance universe model between stellar matter and dark matter is like Chinese TaiJi Model

See Dayong Cao, APS -APS April Meeting 2016 – Event – Ring of nine Gamma Ray Burst overlap with the hot spot of my hypothesis

The general matter and dark matter-dark energy build up a TaiJi model of the universe.

Solar system and dark soar system of dark matter built up a system; Milky Way Galaxy and dark galaxy built up a system.

In this abstract (2011), I gave the idea that there is a companion black hole (amend to dark hole) in the solar system.

They are the TaiJi model.

What is the next thing to be found out?

I am interested in the relationship between the balanced structure of the milky way galaxy and a period of mass extinctions. The first in the world, I had given the idea there is a period of 250 million years of mass extinctions. (Dayong Cao, 2010) There were 15/15 (over 95%) big and small mass extinctions that had the circle including the sixth mass extinction today.

SEE DAYONG CAO, “DNP2010- mass energy space and time systemic theory”

我提出2亿5千万年的地球生物大灭绝周期,解释了今天第六次生物大灭绝在周期上的合理性。(Dayong Cao, 2010)

See Dayong Cao, “The mass, energy, space and time systemic theory-MEST-the author’s new idea about the comet be authenticated”.

XX01.00009 Jupiter’s Orbital Perihelion Speed Goes Up
AAA01.00006 Periods of Mass Extinctions Are About 250 Million Years Relate To The Structure of The Milky Way Galaxy

250 million years, a period of mass extinctions

What is the model of life?

In 2006, after studying consciousness, I brought forward consciousness evolution.

See Dayong Cao, “Consciousness changing the photoelectric principle by slow wave”,

According to 5-6 the entrails and five skandhas-eight consciousness, an advanced idea there is a system of 5-8 entrails and another system of 5-8 skandhas-consciousness had been brought forward.

That is called duality 5-8 symmetrical structures. Thirteen regular meridians instead of twelve regular meridians. (Dayong Cao, 1995)

5-6 the entrails:  which are the viscera or internal organs of the body (heart, spleen, liver, lungs, and kidneys which are the vital organs of the human body).

five skandhas: which are inside information or aggregates of the eye, ear, nose, tongue, and body.

我提出五脏八腑系统,并与五蕴八识系统配套,即双5-8系统。十三正经。(Dayong Cao, 1995)

From 1995 to 1997, a new system of life was built. The brain (with the physical system of Mass, Energy, Space, and Time-MEST which is like hardware) and consciousness (with the spirit system of the mind, consciousness, emotion, and desire-MECD are like software) can produce life information and life gene.

​These are new methods (including atom, particle, and Quark-gluon pairs) to study the universe and life.
In 2008, I had taken definitions that time is a frequency and space is the amplitude square.

What is the Reason for Mass Extinction?

In 2011, According to my systems both astrophysics and Earth’s lives, a period of mass extinction is right calculated. And try to reveal the truth of life and death. It is an era point in 2030.


Mass extinction is a big death for every life on the earth, that is a death of the life system of the earth, and the mass extinction was caused by life and the universe together.


Besides, our lives relate to the solar system, the milky way galaxy, and the universe beyond.


That is an illness for both humans and lives, and humans and lives also make self-destruction.


The general matter and dark matter build up a flat balanced structure of the universe.

But the balanced structure is a dynamic system, it is not a static system.

It usually is an imbalance. The resonance among the biosystem, the solar system, and the milky way galaxy would break the structure of the earth and the biosystem.


Reason of pain

If there is a resonance between the solar system and the milky way galaxy, it will influence people more because the event will radiate more special dark radiations to hurt lives.  

In our experiments, a remotely wireless mechanism can cause experimental phenomena which can not be explained by physical theory. Facts speak louder than words.



Some diseases and pains come from the special dark radiations that broke the duality of 5-8 symmetrical structures.

As an originator of Avoid Earth Extinction Association from 2012 to now, the early organization about saving mass extinction in the world, Avoid Earth, David believes in understanding the integral and complex systems including both the solar system and human system is essential for health well being.

Reduce Pain

I advise some trains such as TaiChi, Qigong, Yoga, and meditation are good for health and life.


People will always have diseases and pains, and everyone hopes to reduce him/her pain and get healthy and well.

人人都会生病和病痛, 大家也都希望获得健康。

We will introduce methods to reduce pain and health restoration.


Chinese proverb: highest-level doctor does not have Patients by prevention, middle-level doctors understand the diseases of the Patients by early detection, and lowest-level doctors treat the disease by medicines.


Prevent disease is more important than cure of disease


There are many kinds of pains and aches: joint pain, muscle pain, neuropathic pain, headache, eye pain, shoulder pain, hand pain, back pain, stomachache, low back pain, hip pain, menstrual pain, leg pain, and foot pain.

At first, people usually have a slight feeling of ache and don’t pay attention to that until it becomes more serious pain; it will interfere with people’s normal life.

The Patients have no choice but to Seek medical advice from a rehabilitation therapist with costly appointments. Most patients did not have the time or financial resources for frequent clinic visits.

Therefore, some self-care products that are effective for relieving pain and helping to restore one’s health will need to be introduced.

With these products and pain management, people should train and exercise self-help in rehabilitation therapy and prophylactic treatment. Reducing pain is a Systematic engineering for your health.

Are you ready?

There is a mission with systemic methods for health well being

我们将根据天体系统和人体系统规则,介绍健身祛病的方法,修复被破坏的双5-8 系统。

According to duality 5-8 symmetrical structures, my mission of is that help people recuperate their health through self-care products and systemic methods of reducing pain-pain management Which are rehabilitations of broke duality 5-8 symmetrical structures.

It includes natural methods, physical therapy, Sport, Fitness, nutrition, food, drink, rest, sleep, habit, behavior, mind, rehabilitation, restoration, TaiChi, Yoga, QiGong, Meditation, Zhen, science, genetic engineering, transgenesis, clone, stem cells, Gene shear, Biological enzymes, Biological bacteria, Biological strains, AI, Space science-technology, change the orbit of the earth, and a way to avoid sixth earth’s mass extinction.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

David Cao



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