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Reviews of the health and life -spacetime of life


XX01.00009 Jupiter’s Orbital Perihelion Speed Goes Up
AAA01.00006 Periods of Mass Extinctions Are About 250 Million Years Relate To The Structure of The Milky Way Galaxy

life and health relate to time and space.

In 2008, I had taken definitions that time is a frequency and space is the amplitude square.

In fact, there are no exact definitions both of space and time in science.

I give a new window to look for the truth of life through real space and time.

I brought forward new ideas about time and space below the article.

Spacetime hides and preinstalls in the DNA of our lives.

When fertilized eggs begin cell division, they know when and where the viscera or internal starts to grow.

We usually think that time is like a lasting river, and we take on a boat to drift down the river. The time river decides both of growth and development of our lives.

But we know, we know, and we know that is not true, and the DNA has the space and time of ourselves.

Everything has its own space and time. We can look for our spacetime by ourselves.

It is very very different. We have the right to find out our space and time of life. We have the right to decide our space and time by oursevles.

Ring Structure of Center of Spacetime, DNA, and Extraterrestrial Being

First, the time is a frequency, the space is the amplitude square of the wave.

Second, spacetime particle, spacetime center  (Dayong Cao, 2016)

Third, there is no time arrowhead (Dayong Cao, 2012)

New experiments showed there is no arrow of time to support my same idea.. See V.M. Vinokur, G. B. Lesovik, “Arrow of time and its reversal on the IBM quantum computer”,

That supports my idea about there is no arrow of time.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

David Cao



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